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– “Doers” Of The Word –

From within the shifting winds of the Southern Gospel music industry, groups and acts travel throughout the nation, praising and lifting up the name of Jesus Christ portraying the idea…

It’s not about  what  we’ve won.

It’s not about  what  we’ve done.

It’s about  what  we are continually doing

for the One who has done so much for us.

This idea perfectly describes one of Southern Gospel music’s busiest family groups – The Gardners.  For more than 40 years, The Gardner family has performed Gospel music throughout the southeastern United States – doing so without the fan fare of winning major industry awards; without the glitz and glamour of bright lights; or even without the assets of a major financial supporter.

Undeterred, The Gardners have chosen to base their music ministry upon the principle of consistent “doing.”  And, today, the three singers who bear the family name – Mitch; Jasmine; and Michael – carry on the family tradition as “doers.”

This is a striking obvious fact one observes when visiting The Gardners’ website at www.thegardners.com and checking out the group’s schedule.  Performing in small churches; at major Gospel music events; on high school and college campuses; and even singing in restaurants, The Gardners are a busy “doing” group, frequently performing and proclaiming their musical Gospel outside the traditional boundaries of the four walls of a church.

And, yet, even though the family trio constantly travels and performs during any given year, they still find time to serve as leaders of their home church where Mitchell is pastor and holds down necessary “tent-making” jobs.  Yes, The Gardners are busy “doers of the Word.”

The family group was started in the mid-1960s by Mitch’s and Michael’s father, Malcolm Gardner, who is the senior pastor of Huntland (TN) Pentecostal Church.  Through the years, the group has varied in size and in members.  In the past, the group has consisted of sisters; brothers; aunts; uncles and cousins.  Today, the twin brothers are joined by their cousin Jasmine, to form a dynamic trio that features tight harmonies and well-written songs that are penned by the siblings.

During their musical careers, the brothers were blessed to have been mentored by one of the legendary names in Gospel music.  “In the 1990s, we recorded an independent project that was produced by Ronny Hinson,” Mitch said.  “He worked with us as songwriters.  We learned a lot from him about writing and production.”

In the past, The Gardners have also worked with other Gospel music “heavyweights” – including Eddie Crook; James Freeze of OASIS Records; and Calvary Music Group.  They have recorded several projects through the years.

In 2006, The Gardners’ name was added to the roster of the prestigious Zion Music Group, and the group worked with Zion’s owner/president Kevin McManus to produce their first project with the record label.  “We are very excited about working with Kevin and Beverly (McManus) and the other good folks at Zion,” said brother Michael.  “We believe our new project is the best we have ever recorded; and, we could not have done it without their help.  They are great people.”  Kevin McManus President of Zion Music Group states “I have known the Gardners for about twenty years but this is the first opportunity we have had to work together.  These people sing with conviction, write wonderful music, and pastor a thriving church.  They live for God! They walk the walk and talk the talk.  They are a blessing to so many people and we are honored to have them as part of our Zion family.”

In an interview with Sogospelnews.com Deon Unthank states “The Gardners are not a household name yet, but you have a sound that is ready for the Nation to hear.”

“I immediately fell in love with their sound and their spirit, not withstanding, their music.  Michael, Mitchell and Regina Gardner have some of the sweetest harmony you’ll hear and their music will warm your heart.”  Sandi Duncan Clark Gospel Music News.

With the release of several nationwide radio releases, The Gardners’ name and reputation are beginning to spread among Gospel music circles for their musical excellence.  Their Zion Music radio single release “Great Big God” was received well by radio, charting on many of the industries top internet radio and trade magazines reaching the number 32 position in the Christian Voice Magazine and number 42 on Southern Spin Radio 2007 Year End Chart.  “Our second Zion Music radio release ‘More Than Anything Else’ is doing well” states Mitch Gardner.

In February of 2007, The Gardners reached a publicity agreement with the Diamond Award winning Southern Spin Entertainment Group.  “We are extremely excited to be working with The Gardners,” mentioned Amy Marie Unthank, Executive Director of SSE Group. “Just in the little bit of time that we have gotten to know this group, we know that they are the real deal. We can’t wait for everyone else to get to know these wonderful people.”

Through their membership in the United States Association of Gospel Entertainers And Musicians (USAGEM), the talented trio has received worldwide recognition by performing in the association’s televised programs which have been aired into 174 countries throughout the world by the Total Christian Television (TCT) network.

Because of their reputation for excellence, The Gardners are being recognized by their industry peers.  In 2004, they were honored with the Diamond Award by the members of the Tennessee Valley Ole Time Gospel Homecoming.  In 2005, they were nominated as “Group Of The Year” by USAGEM.  In 2006, they were voted “Group Of The Year” by USAGEM and received the Diamond award from the USAGEM board.  In 2007, they were voted for the following USAGEM Awards: Group of the Year, Song of the Year (Great Big God by Mitchell Gardner), Artist of the Year, and Southern Gospel Group Crown Jewel Award.  Regina was nominated for Female Vocalist of the year and Michael was nominated for Male Vocalist of the year.

“We are honored when our peers recognize our work and efforts for the Lord with awards or nominations,” Mitch said.  “But, we are more excited about what God is doing in our lives and in our ministry.  He is the reason that we sing.  He is the reason that we have true life.  We can’t praise Him enough.”

Perhaps, that is the reason that The Gardners are continually “doing.”

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